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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  January 22, 2010 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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[cheers and applause] we also want any woman or man who has experienced an abortion to no help is available.
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if you're watching this and can relate to that feeling of having a knife in your stomach and feeling a twist when you hear the word abortion, you are not alone. if you hear cries in the night in your nightmares or every year on a certain day, either the day of your abortion or the day that the baby was due, you do with pain and you spiral emotionally. we want you to know, you are not alone. there are after abortion recovery programs that can help you and they are available throughout the country. they will offer you peace and forgiveness. our website, www.silent no more has a wonderful list of resources under our help section. so many of us thought that abortion would solve our problems pregnancy, but the reality is that the abortion created a host of other problems for us personally, physically
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and spiritually. abortion changes you forever. we agree with those who say that women deserve other than abortion. we've been down that dead-end road and we want to prevent another generation for wasting their time and their life, going down the same direction. personal experience inspires us to work to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. [cheers and applause] illegal. we are the reality of abortion and we will be silent no more. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> i'm janet marino, executive director of priests for life and the silent no more winners campaign. [cheers and applause] and they bring you greetings on behalf of father frank. let's see the signs supporting
12:57 am
the campaign. [cheers and applause] that's right. we want to invite you after the march for life. stay up at the supreme court at 315 and hear the brave men and women of the campaign give their testimonies and then we want you to take this information back to your hometown and share it because we all know someone who's hurting from an abortion and we can help bring them to healing. and get them to register their regrets on her website anonymously so that these voices who do speak out and speak with greater force and power than ever before. [cheers and applause] we want to see next year millions of people marching with the signs, saying they regret their abortion, they regret less father had. go to our website and partner with the campaign. thank you. god bless you. [cheers and applause]
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>> and remember that the services that they provide are free. so that when your talking -- are people talking about the assistant, the assistance that we have are from people who are very skilled and the assistance is free. and a note about free assistant for problem pregnancies or any of the pregnancies. one of the first introductions that i had to the pro-life movement was not trying to undo roe v. wade, but rather i was talking to a lady and she said i've got to run. i've got to pick the girl up. and i said what grove, where? she knew unfortunately of a girl who was pregnant and at that point had no home to go to and provided a voluntary, free
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service of assistance. those are pregnancy aid help and they are available throughout the united states now. one of the persons who was in that initial group of women, who was providing the services is disney's cochlea when cocciolone. she is the life service in here to tell us of the work that is available for you. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. thank you, nellie. god bless all of you for bringing this weather in these conditions. i welcome you to this event today as nellie. i am denise cocciolone, the national director of the national life center. wearing network of pregnancy services throughout the country. they're over 3500 such centers through the country read you need to be aware that if you are not already and make sure that the people in your community are aware of that. there's always been help for
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these women, even before roe v. wade, my office and woodbury, new jersey, is now observing its 40th year of service. forty years. we predate roe v. wade by 40 years so we knew there were problems afoot already. we knew there were people who were threatening life. we started our service in 1970. we are proud to still be able to be available for these women think girls, but i am sorry to say that we are here 40 years. we, as nellie, felt that one or two years that we get this job done in reverse as horrible decision once it was made. obviously, that has not happened. ..
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we don't want her to do with these ladies behind me had to endure through the ignorance of the people who lied to them, people are still lining to these girls. if you are a sidewalk counselor
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and go in front of a clinic with literature as soon as she goes inside if she does go in that clinic they take all that away from her. they take all that information and literature away from her and generally don't let her see the ultrasound which they have to do to make sure which stage of gestation the baby is but they don't let her see that. many centers through the country now are using the ultrasound imaging so that we can show the young ladies with the baby looks like in the womb and she knows and can bond with that baby. as soon as she sees that they become a 90% of abortion minded women will choose life when they see the baby in the boom. [cheering] i encourage you to support local centers wherever they may be in the community regardless of affiliation, support them so that if they are interested and able to provide an ultrasound imaging which we know saves lives that can encourage them to that. the need your finances to do that. it's expensive to run the
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centers. we need your help and prayers and support and any way you can give it. but remember the nationalist center we are out of woodbury new jersey here to help anyone who wants to start a new center where ever you are located and were number again, 800-848-love. thanks for your help, god bless you. [cheering] >> we are here today on january 22nd because it is the roe v wade decision and it has to do with the intentional killing of innocent people and children with impunity. we also know that unfortunately that disregard for life is affecting other groups and to do remember i'm sure it very short time ago the situation of terrie schindler and recognizing that
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when we have either the agent or the handicapped there is some people who will not respect the right to life of those who have the age or the handicapped so with us today also is a family of terrie schindler. her mother is here, her brother, bobby and her sister and they will be introduced by brother paul o'donnell of the schiavo foundation. [cheering] >> thank you. thank you, pro-life america. and thank you, nellie, for organizing this march for life and giving us the opportunity to be here today to address the important subject of euthanasia. and my friends, the sad reality is euthanasia is alive, well and
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thoroughly making progress here in the united states and abroad. we need your help so that no individual will be starved or dehydrated to death in this country or abroad. it's not acceptable. we will be pro-life. we will be whole life and support the life of the fertilized baby in the womb until natural death. we will support that life and be pro-life. [cheering] our current president, president obama, we need dialogue. when he was a united states senator, he said his worst regret was to save the life of teri schiavo. we will not forget teri schiavo. we will not forget. our jewish brothers and sisters
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learned the lesson long ago never again, never again. but we must proclaim never again for the teri schiavo's. never again. today when you march by the supreme court and beuchat for the life of the unborn child and their mothers, please offer a prayer for florida will brothers and sisters who live in hospitals and nursing homes and can't speak for themselves. i am here today with teri schiavo's mother, mary, her brother, bobby, her sister, suzanne, and her on to become aunt. before i have her brother and family address you on behalf of the foundation, one last thing. it's very hard for public people, especially in hollywood and the industry as entertainment to come forward and embrace the cause of life.
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those of you who like country music, listen to what body has to say. those of you who put on a hat and cowboy boots, listen to what is coming up. [cheering] >> i would first like to thank nellie for giving my family the opportunity to be here with you today. on behalf of my family, please know that we remain dedicated to helping other families so that no one will have to suffer the barbaric and cruel death like my sister. terry's death was not a so-called in the fleiss matter. terri was a person with a brain injury and was deliberately targeted to be killed because of her disability. to all of our pro-life friends, we need your help to join us in fighting against this pro negative euthanasia agenda. you're ongoing support is vital to us so that we can continue to
1:08 am
protect the profoundly brain injuries. one way in particular you can help as brother paul just mentioned, on april 11th in indianapolis indiana, country music legend randy travis and country music star collin raye will be performing the first annual teri schiavo life and hope concert. [cheering] this concert will benefit terry's foundation. a special concert will help us continue to fight for the tens of thousands of brain injured persons like terry living in the united states today. please go to, and you can purchase tickets for this event in indianapolis indiana. again, that is thank you for being here. god bless you all. thank you. [applause] [cheering]
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>> now we are getting down to some of the important business. these are our legislators and we are delighted to introduce, the senate senator sam brownback of kansas. [cheers and applause] >> thanks, nellie do you realize now for the first times is a plan has been done, the gallup poll, that you now live in a majority pro-life country? [cheers and applause] and you are the reason for it. you have changed hearts and minds. and you have done it by persuading people and living for a culture of life. keep it up. we've got a lot of members of congress here. we have just one debate on health care in that they are not
1:10 am
going to have abortion funding in this health care bill. [cheering] because of your interest in it. this is my last year in the united states senate. i am more convinced than ever that we are going to win the cause of life. we have to win. the movement for life will not be silenced and will not be still. you are winning the hearts and minds. we are going to win this fight. keep it up. god bless you all. steve >> will get this wonderful group of members of congress we have with us today. 21. and to leave this delegation to us is the honorable mike pence
1:11 am
of indiana, house republican conference committee chairman. congressman pence. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, c7. on behalf of my fellow marchers, audrey pence, 15, charlotte pence, 15. i'm mike pence, for indiana, and all i am pro-life. the [cheering] you've come to your nation's capital at a historical moment in this movement. proabortion majority in congress has been met with the most pro-abortion president in american history. mexico city overturned. unnecessary destructive in chorionic stem cell research funded and a health care bill that was placed to provide government subsidies for elective abortion. let us say with conviction here on the nation's small and an unborn human life is morally
1:12 am
wrong and it's also morally wrong to take the tax payer dollars of millions of pro-life americans and jews it to subsidize abortion at home or abroad. [cheering] abortion is not health care. [cheering] abortion funding has no place in health care legislation now or ever. [cheering] abortion organizations overseas have no right to american foreign aid. [cheering] and the time has come to deny any and all federal funding to planned parenthood of america. [cheers and applause] thomas jefferson, in words that are in scribed just down the small said "god who gave us life gave us liberty." i say to all who are in this
1:13 am
movement, bill life may be losing in washington, d.c., but life is winning in america. and because of all of you, the pro-life america will take this congress back in 2010 and take this country back in 2012 so help us god. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. i am congressman jim sensenbrenner from wisconsin. [cheers and applause] during my six years as chairman of the house judiciary committee , i managed the law that day and a partial birth abortion -- [cheers and applause] -- and the law that tried to save teri schiavo's life. thank you all for coming. we've been reading an awful lot about health care likely. and the of original bill that
1:14 am
obama and policy and harry reid introduced used your tax dollars to pay for elective abortions. as mike pence has said that is morally wrong but it's also bad policy because we should on is the power of taxation granted to the congress back to the united states constitution to enforce you to pay for a procedure that is you believe is morally wrong, and congress has recognized that for 34 years with the hyatt amendment being on the books. now, the people who have buried the health care bill are trying to deceive all of you into thinking that this war has been one. we have won a battle by defeating obama care with the help of the voters of massachusetts last tuesday. [cheers and applause]
1:15 am
but the people who are trying to push this through and make you pay for elective abortions are going to step back, going to hope that you are not as involved in the next three or four or six months and then they are going to come up with something that is just as bad as well was defeated in the massachusetts election and try to ram it through. my message to all of you is simple. the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. we believe in her life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this country since 1776. you can't have liberty, you can't have the pursuit of happiness if you don't have life. [cheers and applause] so, stay awake, don't fall asleep, keep on going to your senators and representatives town meetings, keep on sending postcards and e-mails, keep
1:16 am
bugging us. i like you folks to bug me, and it the more you bug us, the more fights we will win and the -- we will win this war. god bless you and god bless america. [cheers and applause] >> welcome to our nation's capital. thank you so much for coming to this year's march for life. i am cathy mcmorris rogers and all i am the imam -- proud mom of a two-year-old. he is the light of my life and he also happens to have down syndrome, and it breaks my heart to know that 90% of women who find out that their baby has down syndrome choose to abort. we know that abortion is never the answer. what we need to do is raise awareness as to the joys of motherhood. we need to support moms and dads who find themselves in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy they might be scared, they might be
1:17 am
confused, but if we give them loved, encouragement and support we can show them a better way. a way that protects life. the [cheering] think you for coming today. you are standing up for your children, you are standing up for my son, coal rogers, standing up for the future of america. god bless you, god bless the cause of life and may god continue to bless america. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. i am robert aderholt, congressman from alabama and glad to see everybody out here today. glad to see the university of here and a lot of other from alabama here in the crowd standing up for parole life. we have a lot of work to do in washington and here in the capitol to protect life. but we also have a lot of work to do to change the hearts and
1:18 am
minds of american people and i think we are doing that. so keep up the good work. thank you for being here today. you don't know how much your presence means to not only us in congress but also the entire nation. so may god bless you and may god bless america. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. i am todd akin. i am from the state of missouri, and i am pro-life. [cheers and applause] this is my tenth year joining you hear and it calls to mind a characteristic that describes all of you. it is a character of every great leader. there was a time for every great leader when they hung doggedly to some enterprise and people
1:19 am
would say the cause is hopeless. the pilgrims on the beach at plymouth, washington of valley forge. but those great leaders discovered through their dogged determination to do what was right that god brings deliver in some sometimes from very strange quarters. we saw an example this week of the same thing. the socialized medicine bill was a big threat to life and deliverance came from a strange corner indeed, massachusetts. [cheering] you all have that same quality of being here year after year. thank you. god bless you. [cheers and applause]
1:20 am
>> roscoe bartlett from maryland. maryland, where are you? thank you. are we in powered by massachusetts? [cheering] yes, okay. i've been here since 92 and every year you keep coming and coming. thank you for inspiring us. and each year the polls show more and more americans are pro-life. there is a god. ultimate victory is ours. keep on keeping on. god bless you. [cheers and applause] >> my name is joseph cao and live from louisianan. [cheers and applause] and i am very proud to be pro-life, and i want everyone to repeat after me, i am pro-life. >> all i am pro-life. >> we are pro-life! >> we are pro-life!
1:21 am
>> america is pro-life! >> america is pro-life! >> you know, i just came back from a trip to southeast asia and one of the countries i visited was cambodia, and during that time i was there i visited the killing fields of cambodia and they showed the congressional delegation what they called the killing trees. and the reason they call that the killing a tree was because they used to hang babies from the tree and slam babies against the tree and the reason why i want to tell you that story is because some of the acts we use in abortion are just as brutal, and i want people to understand that abortion is a moral issue of our time. and we have to speak loudly in order for our leaders to understand that we are pro-life. [cheers and applause] and i am so honored last night i
1:22 am
had a chance to speak to about 500 students from louisianan. and it just seeing so many young faces gives me so much hope as to how much energy because i know that this fight will be long and hard and we will need all the young people to speak out loud to our leaders. thank you. please, carry on with the fight. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. im todd tiahrt from kansas. [cheers and applause] greetings, america. greetings from my wife, vicki come in topeka kansas of the march for life. [cheers and applause] and she wants you to know that even though she's in topeka, kansas, her avatar is here with you and is going to march with you to the supreme court. [cheers and applause] a lot of americans are here in
1:23 am
spirit. you are not alone. we are changing the view of america on the issue of life. it has been because of you sacrificing every year to come out and enthused those of us who work daily to try to elevate the value of life. it reminds me of what abraham lincoln said in the first lincoln-douglas t. date. he was referring to slavery, but what he said was with public sentiment anything is possible. without it, nothing is. so those who for public sentiment are more important than those who pass statutes or render decisions, meaning of the legislature of the courts. so when you are doing is very important. you are changing public sentiment. today we would call what public opinion. thank you for being here. god bless you. let's move forward and change of the law of this land. [cheers and applause]
1:24 am
>> my name is chris smith. this is my wife, marie, and on behalf of both of us and all the members and everyone out here, thank you all for being an important part of the greatest human rights struggle on earth, the right-to-life movement. i also want to thank you for your steadfast support of the stupak-pitts amendment which is made the difference in ensuring that an ill-fated and very pro-abortion health care reform bill will not become the law of this land. [cheers and applause] we especially today at my ear and donner the extraordinarily courageous post abortive women who are silent no more. their voice and their witness showed the path to reconciliation for all women who have been first deceived and then victimized by abortion. and president obama, the abortion president, you should know this: even though you have unleashed the full might and
1:25 am
power of your administration in the noble promotion of abortion, both here and around the world, especially in africa and latin america, we pray for you, and we will fast for you even as we tenaciously fight your entire life policies. [cheers and applause] years ago -- and years ago, a friend of mine, dr. jean gordon wrote a book with the title inspired by the question of a young child who unexpectedly walked into a room as she was preparing electoral on abortion. her 3-year-old took one gasping look at the total of 80 badly bruised and battered of an aborted baby and shouted "mommy, who broke the dee dee." that child is all the brutality of abortion and understood. that charnel salles and immediately new that babies are smashed and broken to bits by
1:26 am
abortion and with alarm wanted to know who did a. president obama, is it really so hard to understand that abortion is violence against children, a pernicious form of child abuse, falsely marketed as choice and human rights, health care and safe? abortion is in health care. there's nothing benign or healing about abortion. and save? certainly not for the 52 million unborn babies who have been killed since 1973. and certainly not for the women who have been hurt physically and psychologically and the medical data strongly suggests that their subsequent children are often premature or low birth weight babies. america is a serious human rights abuse, mr. president. and with an honorable trust in god, we, today, we commit and
1:27 am
reiterate our resolve to pray and fast and work hard to enfranchise all regardless of age, race, sex, disability, wanted miss or condition of the dependency. god bless you and thank you. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is congressman jeff fortenberry nimh proud cornhuskers from nebraska. nice to see you people from nebraska who made this long trip. let me quickly say hello to the good friends from franciscan university, my all modern to agree to see you as well. thank you so much for your commitment to the cause of justice that brings us here today, the right to life. thank you so much for traveling from all parts of this country and so much for your willingness to say to the congress and to the white house but we are a people of life and young people,
1:28 am
let's think for a moment, let's imagine for a moment if the president and other, research you would be like if the president himself came here next year and said i have listened to you. i have fought about this. i believe abortion hurts women and women deserve better. i am pro-life. the [cheering] so, mr. president, i say to you you are invited. join us. we extend a hand of friendship. become a person of life. and as washington debates the future of health care policy, we must also continue to say as my good friend, mike pence said, abortion is not health care. and no american should be forced to pay for it or have their government complicity with the net. young people, your civic engagement is absolutely
1:29 am
critical. you have come here today to petition your government peacefully to exercise your civil rights and peaceful assembly, to make your voice is heard come to speak powerfully on behalf of the voiceless. whether that is a child in the womb or an elderly person or an expectant mother. with your efforts with sg together and let the world know that it is the gift of life that gives true hope. god bless you and god bless america. [cheering] >> good afternoon. i am virginia foxx from north carolina. i want to say thank you also for your being here today. and i was thinking about this group of people that come here every year. there are many people who come to the small every year but you
1:30 am
are the most unselfish people who come here because you are dedicated to the cause of life for everyone in this country and for people you will never know so keefer when you're doing and know that your actions to make a difference. there are many young people here and we all want to encourage you to continue to be involved. find many, many ways to be involved in your country and in making a change and don't ever think that what you are doing doesn't make a difference. this week we've seen a tremendous difference in what happened. more of those things can happen but we need you to stay engaged. let us turn our country into a country that honors life and you can lead the charge. thank you and god bless you. [cheers and applause]
1:31 am
good morning. this is my better half, my wife, my love, the mother of my two children, jennifer and brimley. im scott deer, congressman from degrees to give new jersey and we all pro-life. [cheers and applause] and this is the day the lord has made let us rejoice. i am here for my eighth year as a congressman and i join you in the race, the race against time, this race for life. i join you in the fight, the fight to save our children to lead the fight to save our prosperity and very soon now we will all be going out and we will be marching and as we march let us all shout out loud that we are pro-life, let us all shout out loud that abortion is murder, and let us sound the trumpets, let us sound the trumpets so that all politicians
1:32 am
here and across the country can hear a hour call to them. joshua was under the trumpet thousands of years ago, and those walls came down. we can sound the trumpet again and the walls of ignorance will come down. we can sound of trumpets again and the walls of oppression will come down. we can sound the strumpet's again, and the gates of life will be open to all pletka us stay in the fight. let us stay in the race. let us keep the faith. god bless and let's continue the march. god bless you. speed [cheers and applause] >> i am louie gohmert. i'm from the united states of america. how about that? [cheering] i also have to be from texas. [cheering]
1:33 am
let me tell you in 1983 my wife, kathy and i were going to have a baby. eight to ten weeks early she went into labor. the doctors did what they could but katie was coming. back then her odds were not that good to live. when she was born they gave her a 20%, 40, 60, 80, 100% oxygen and they were losing hurts and the doctor came and said we need to take her to the top level neonatal care unit, and so they took her by ambulance to shreveport. i was torn, to stay with my wife in tyler or go with our baby. kathy said go do anything you can to help save our child. i followed the ambulance. i got there and the neonatal just said it's so good that you come. come over here to the isolette.
1:34 am
they stood up a stool. her breathing was so shallow, so fast, so erratic, her heartbeat was so fast and erratic the head of the monitor set up and the doctor said she knows your voice. she knows who you are. her eyes don't work. she won't see you talk to her. caress her, and let her know you love her and it will help her live. for hours i sat there, and it wasn't very long as i talked to her and round her little arm that she reached out with her little hand and grabbed the end of my finger. hours later the doctor came by as i was still sitting there and said have you looked at the monitors? her breathing have stabilized, her heart had stabilized, and he said that the child is drawing
1:35 am
from your love, from your security, drawing life from you. how could i leave? i wouldn't. friends, there are babies who don't know you but thank god you are there as they reach out to draw on your security, to draw on your loved so they may have life. thank you for when you're doing and for letting god use you as a vessel. my daughter, katie, gave me this scarf and said where this, daddy, it will keep you warm. thank you for being used and for life it's going to happen! you are going to save those children for what you are doing! thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> for 40 years, i've been a
1:36 am
physician trying to save lives. today when he looked at each other and you look around in the faces of the people who are here today, when you put your head on the pillow tonight and say your prayers you will know that you have saved a life as well. all over this country you are setting an example for america to stand up and be counted. i am dr. parker griffith. i'm fromla the fifth district, and i appreciate each and every one of you being here. you will save more lives than all the medical profession's combined. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] hello! i'm congressman wally herger from california. [cheers and applause] i want to commend each and every one of you for traveling here today to defend the rights of unborn children. we must work together to protect
1:37 am
the unborn, to oppose taxpayer funding of abortions. people's minds are changing and we are getting closer to protecting the fee in a legal rights to live. thank you for coming. thank you for your efforts. your efforts are making a difference. keep up the fight and god bless you. [cheers and applause] sprick im jim jordan from ohio and let me quickly thank you for two things. i know we've got some of high winds out there. first call, thank you for your willingness to get in the game. i learned a long time ago nothing of meaning, nothing of significance, nothing of real value and importance ever happens by hanging out in the sidelines. you have to get out of the shadows, the twilights and get in the game and take the game to the car risks associated getting in the game. you know we will never get a fair shake from the press. in fact i love with cal thomas had to say when he was talking about the way normal folks see
1:38 am
things and the elite national media's these things. he said i get up every morning, read my bible and the new dark times so i can see what each side is up to. [laughter] there's truth to that. thank you for that and for your optimistic attitude. i mean, get up every day remembering we've got the truth on our side and live in the greatest nation in history. [cheers and applause] keep that optimistic -- keep the david attitude and i will close with this, you know the story from scripture, you're familiar with the israelites were tipped against the philistines and the john and walk out and issue the challenge who will fight the law yet. the israelites response was he's so big we can never beat him. but david's response was he's so big i can't miss. that is the attitude you have and the attitude that will win. god bless you. [cheers and applause] >> i'm congressman steve king from iowa. [cheering] my oldest son's name is david, and i named him that for the
1:39 am
same reason. say, is their anybody here from massachusetts? [cheers and applause] thank you, massachusetts. thank you for helping a skill that antilife bill. you've delivered eight teachable moment tuesday night for all of america. the white house was watching. that is where the next appointments that might change the balance in the supreme court will come from is the white house. it to this is our teachable moment to the white house. mr. president, what instance did your life again? we believe it began at the instant of conception for you, mr. president, and for all of god's children, and we believe that human life is sacred in all of its forms. and that's why we are here
1:40 am
today. you are here doing the lord's work. you can't see what i can see, but i see pro-life america as far as i can see. keep coming back here until we are here to celebrate the end of roe v wade. god bless you all. [cheers and applause] >> i am bob latta from ohioan i want to thank you all for being here because i have had a lot of students in the last two days come from all over my district to come down to washington to express their opinion of what they think we should be doing down here, and its life. when you look out across the mall right now it is amazing. as i told those kids up on the capitol steps this morning you always want to remember this is a purchase of a pro-democracy and if you don't participate it doesn't work. what i see here today are americans who want to make this
1:41 am
country work and they want to make sure their views and ideas are translated up to the capitol building and over the supreme court. so we want to make sure as you always want to remember as it has been said here for the folks in massachusetts, and you know, they've put the cry out and they've changed and i tell you what is going to happen. it also happened back on april 19th, 1775 when those folks gathered at lexington and concord that fired the shot heard around the world and we are doing here is having americans know they have a voice, they can change things and we are going to have a congress that is right to life. thanks very much. [cheers and applause] >> i'm congressman thaddeus mccotter from michigan's 11th congressional district. it is an honor to be here with you today. as we peaceably assemble not in
1:42 am
an active opposition but in a labor of love, not in a partisan cause but in a human cause to birth and nurture a culture of life founded upon the self evident in a little truth that all of god's children are in doubt by their creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. through your efforts as we have heard a majority of the american nation is pro-life yet in the shadows of the capitol we can see their immaturity of the politicians are pro-abortion. and with this disconnection we are reminded of what lincoln taught that as a nation a house divided against itself cannot stand.
1:43 am
and what we need in this country now is for the re-dedication of our efforts to prevail and nurture the culture of life and to defend the unborn. and again, ensuring that week when history looks back upon on us we will be recalled as was said in the book of daniel. but the whites will shine brightly like the splendor of the firmament and those who lead the many to justice shall be as the stars for ever. shine on in the cause of life, god bless you and may god continue to grace, guard and bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> howdy. ayn rand the from the grace to texas. [cheers and applause] are there any pro-life people here from texas? [cheers and applause] you are such an encouragement to us in the fight on the front line on behalf of life and we
1:44 am
are fighting for it along with you. thank you for taking the stand and the sanctity of life. you know the first pitcher i ever had of my first grandson was a sonogram and i saw that little figures, that little body inside my daughter-in-law's guilaume and i sat down and wrote the grand sum a letter that might. i said i saw you for the very first time today and how beautiful you are because you remember our lord and god said we are fearfully and wonderfully made and we must not give up this fight. we cannot give up this fight. we will not give up this fight because this is the most important fight we are engaged in. thank you for taking the stand and being here for life and god bless you and god bless america. [cheering] thank you all for being here. im from degrees to tennessee. one of the most pro-life conservative states in the
1:45 am
union. [cheering] i knew it was cold when i came down here because i saw to politicians on the side of the road and they had both of their hands in their own pockets. [cheering] when i had a real job my real job in life was over 30 years practicing ob/gyn obstetrics and gynecology in johnson city tennessee where i delivered almost 5,000 babies. [cheering] i want to tell you all this that life, and you know this, is a precious gift from god. a precious gift from our god and i will tell you our god who knows us before we were ever born will not continue to bless this nation if we do not stop this abomination called abortion. no doubt about it. i want to thank you all for being here for helping stop this health care bill that had the pro-abortion parts. i can't thank you enough and from the bottom of my heart
1:46 am
thank you for being here on this cold day and for standing for life. may god bless each and every one of you all. [cheering] >> good afternoon, pro-life americans. [cheering] and congressman gene schmidt from the great state of ohio, and i represent cincinnati, the birthplace of the right to life movement. [cheering] for 39 years ago dr. jack wilky was sitting at the table with his wife, barbara and she was concerned about the issues of abortion. they said we have to do something and she said jack, every child has the right to life, liberty and pursuit of
1:47 am
happiness born and unborn and he said barbara, that is the name of the movement, right to life. i tell you said because everyone of us has the power to make a difference. the power of one multiplied by hundreds of thousands of you today here marching on washington, reminding us that the constitution says we all have the right to life. finn -- thank you for your courage, your vacation and most of all for love in america and loving our lord. god bless you, god bless the united states of america and god protect the unborn.
1:48 am
[cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. im glenn thompson from the state of pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] it is an honor to join so many champions here fighting to defend innocent life. as we speak a number of abortions completed in america has decreased from ten years ago because of your action, your leadership and faith the abortionists are losing. [cheering] we stand together on this day and every day for those who have no voice, for those whose basic right to be born has been cruelly denied. we stand today united and the principles put forth formally and soundly by the founders of this wonderful nation that every american born and yet to be born has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
1:49 am
god bless you for your journey today and every day in defending their right to life. and thank you for the privilege of marching with you today and god bless the unborn. [cheers and applause] >> i'm so very pleased to announce the next delegation. many years ago when we began which is now well over 30 years or so there was a young man who came and joined us as a student and now i have the privilege of introducing new, to you rabbi levin leading a delegation of his own sons today. [cheering] >> shalom, pro-life america.
1:50 am
god bless you those who are here, those who see us on tv, those who engage in pro life and family activism year round. you are doing god's holy is to work. it is you who are saving us from tsunami and earthquakes because i don't care what anyone said, god is not happy about preboard baby killing deviance and in morality. and the way it works is when the cop gets full and runs over it's like the chernobyl nuclear tragically tragedy spiritually. someone doesn't do his job, many people suffer from nuclear and spiritual fallout. it is admirable we are joining together to help haiti but the tragedy pales in significance
1:51 am
when compared to a situation of 1 million innocent babies eliminated, durham, torn up, cut to pieces each year in god's country, america, the not so beautiful. to the pro aborts sending help to haiti, god bless you and open your hearts and minds to how we are selfishly punishing 1 million of the most innocent among stocks. stop the baby killing today. [cheers and applause] now! immediately! once and for all! to the congress and the administration, we declare today don't you dare even think about
1:52 am
forcing us, god's people, to become the executioners of his holy innocence. [cheers and applause] don't you dare, don't you dare go to the kuhl, don't you dare! [chanting "don't you dare!"] don't you dare include this in any health care legislation. we will throw you all the hell out. we will throw you the hell out! so help us, god. massachusetts will look like a picnic. [cheers and applause]
1:53 am
so to all of you pharaoh's out there, we, god's people like the jewish midwives an exodus cry out what our people grow, let our people grow, let our babies live. 31 years i have been coming here -- i'm almost finished, nellie -- 31 years i've been coming here, the pre-born baby killing continues. what more can you and i. and god fearing life in bracing americans do to shut down the killing centers? i'm going to tell you right now right millions of letters addressed to justices of the supreme court. ultimately they of legalized abortion on demand. tell them and they must fix it now. fix it now.
1:54 am
[chanting "fix it now!"] fix it right now. we, americans, with technology that show the babies in the womb, demand a stop the killing. they read their mail. as i have said in previous years, tight and extra baby to god and country, europe is depopulating, the selfish liberals are not reproducing. we orthodox jews pouring in seven to 14 children into a family. [cheers and applause] >> that's right. god loves it. you can also have another. number three, i was finished, sodomy marriage was defeated resoundingly in a literal new york and new jersey. resoundingly. it shows if we make malaise we can be heard and make it different. what are we doing about abortion? and i will tell you finally what to do and this is crucially
1:55 am
important. it is time to say enough is enough. there is a legal term called nullification and another one called interposition. check this on the internet. learn about the terms. if the congress or the courts were to impose an evil law ordering the killing of jews, gypsies or other so-called undesirables, the sovereign state live by a courageous governor tending to pos himself between the terrific federal law we of the killing and the defenseless victims and closed on the victim's centers. here it comes, listen, here it comes, so to make courageous, compassionate god-fearing family of loving children and embracing governor can close down the abortion clinics in his state to enter position. [cheering] if the fed wants to send in the
1:56 am
national guard to protect the baby killers the governor will be a hero and got's people will rally to him. the back of the baby killing industry will be broken. we have more than enough baby killing pharaohs and power. u.s. governor, wake up. it's up to you who will be the first moses to let the babies grow. pro-life america, contact your governors. god bless and here is the chauffeur. >> god bless, and the walls came tumbling down. thank you. [cheers and applause]
1:57 am
>> you know when we began the march for life now 37 years ago we were going to have a little parade around the capitol and we thought that that would stop anyone from doing things like killing babies and up that time helping us along the way was one monsignor what can we were so pleased to have him indeed. now today however we have more than one monsignor. we have with us his eminence. the roman catholic bishop daniel cardinal delauro the chairman of the catholic bishops' committee. [cheers and applause] thank you, nellie. [cheers and applause] thank you, nellie, thank you very much. [cheers and applause] thank you, friends.
1:58 am
our souls are listed today as we with virtue of mary remember that our souls magnify the lord with a gift of life that he has given us. negative cardinal dinardo of galveston and also the chair for the pro life committee of the conference of bishops of the united states. it is my heppe duty not only to be here but also to introduce my fellow bishops who are here at this rally in who are here obviously in solidarity with who we are as people of life. may i just mentioned something personal? i can't help but notice saint john paul roman catholic church. it is the parish life started 14 years ago or so in pittsburgh. good to see you, saint john and paul. now it is my had the duty to introduce those bishops here.
1:59 am
i'm going to begin with cardinal dustin raleigh the archbishop of philadelphia, the former chair. also archbishop joseph, the archbishop of louisville kentucky. speed archbishop of kansas city and kansas. [cheers and applause] that is a great group from kansas. that is a great group from kansas. archbishop from the hartford connecticut. and we think although archbishop robert carlson was here from st. louis and we don't know he seems to


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